BAY of MARS[no roots — just antennae]

Bay of Mars connects the studio practice of Stefano de Martino and Karen Lohrmann [SdMKLm] with Urban States for research, Correspondents for all printed matter and, most recently, XRX for production and outfitting.

Marking a broad field of collaborations, Bay of Mars is a multimedia testing ground. An experimental landscape in its origins, the name is borrowed from a plain, and now extinct location. Bay of Mars migrates to likewise and otherwise friendly environments—online, and as sets, exhibitions, periodicals, time-based work, unique items, and occasional events.

Bay of Mars recently completed the spatial and ecological adjustment and reclamation of a 16th century rural complex and experimental landscape, in the Gulf of Naples. The edition Correspondents is on permanent display at Salon für Kunstbuch and Belvedere 21 in Vienna, and can be found internationally in select bookstores and institutions. Reflecting on the plurality of the city, Urban States runs topical sequences to address actualities, temporary conditions, contingencies. XRX [/’zɪərɒks] is inspired by the dry copying technique Xeroxgraphy, better known as Xerox, which appropriated the greek terms for dry [xeros] and writing [graphia]. After decades of copying we know every version is different, strangely off, unique if needed, or just other, separate, variant. XRX is a production line to embrace references, similarities, never copies, but simple relations.