CASE STUDY HOUSE Los Angeles 2O2O         

First screenings of AIR and THE STUB at
FRAC Centre Val de Loire, Orléans. 

Until Feb 9, 2O2O.
The WAITING LAND cycle at the Second Biennale d'Architecture d'Orléans YEARS OF SOLITUDE
FRAC Centre Val de Loire, Orléans.
Oct 11, 2O19 — Jan 19, 2O2O.


Stefano de Martino on the making of BOOMPJES. Part I and II published by Drawing Matter, Feb 2O19.

EXT. at Il Vuoto ProprioA’mbasciata, Naples. Opening Jan 19, 2O19.

CORRESPONDENTS edition on permanent display at Salon für Kunstbuch and
Belvedere 21, Vienna. 


Karen Lohrmann and Stefano de Martino collaborate since 2OO1, the year they began working on Waiting Land. As comments on developing stories and engaging the characteristic features of places they live in — Berlin, Los Angeles, and Southern Italy — they address spaces in transformation, cultural manifestations and resultant landscapes. In different media and through multiple takes they develop sets of works as environments, experiences and narratives. They publish, exhibit and teach internationally. 

Diptych, 42 x 56 in (1O7 x 142 cm) each, C Type digital, Los Angeles 2O2O

This case study house is at the crossroads of perception, both an illusion and a reality.  It points at a revised balance between what we construct and its relation to other conditions, specifically natural ones, in a quest to participate in an ecology, to be actively engaged with all processes flowing over space and time.  Los Angeles, as an idea and as a place, is only possible by maintaining the diversity of its environments.  The logic of real estate and speculation will only normalize the richness of the landscape, in its broadest sense as an inclusive context, into the monotony of colonial pastiche and postmodernist gesturing, all maxed out to claim all space in exchange for nothing.