In different media and through multiple takes Stefano de Martino and Karen Lohrmann [SdMKLm] develop sets of works as environments, experiences, and narratives. As comments on developing stories and engaging the characteristic features of places they live in — Berlin, Los Angeles, and Southern Italy — they address spaces in transformation, cultural manifestations, and resultant landscapes.

Working in collaboration since the early 2000s, they publish, exhibit and teach internationally. Their ongoing cycle of works, WAITING LAND, was one of the conceptual segments of the FRAC’s Second Biennale d’Architecture d’Orleans, YEARS OF SOLITUDE. They currently work on ENDURING TEMPORARINESS, a part fiction part documentary script, visual and sound essay on venture landscapes; and on WAYS OF COOKING, a reflection on food production.  

SdMKLm initiated the platform URBAN STATES, the edition CORRESPONDENTS, and the testing ground BAY OF MARS. As part of Bay of Mars, they recently completed the spatial and ecological adjustment and reclamation of a 16th century rural complex and experimental landscape, in the Gulf of Naples. The edition Correspondents is on permanent display at Salon für Kunstbuch and Belvedere 21 in Vienna, and can be found internationally in select bookstores, libraries, and institutions. As a reflection of the complexity and plurality of the city, Urban States runs topical sequences as workshops and forums to address actualities and potentials.

Along with a growing number of essays, they have released three monographs, UPDATE: ALL POSSIBLE WORLDS [2008], HOW WE SPENT IT [2009], and WAITING LAND [2017]. The work of SdMKLm has been recognized and supported internationally by awards, research grants, and project-based residencies.