Landscape is the space where actions take place. This book is an update of a perception of landscape. All that goes on, news and novelties and scoops, all histories and keeping busy, developments and devastations, in their endless repetition and recycling seem to point at the rather unmoving, granitic nature of mankind: a stubbornness in the face of which landscape appears as the most immediate and sensitive register of changes, drifts and outcomes. This update centers on the experience of landscape as a place that is inhabited or momentarily occupied. Place, journey and survey define different perceptions of landscape as a state of being in, of moving through or speculating on.

As a place to be in, it invites reflection as much as curiosity, seeking evidence of immutable balances or signs of impending changes. As a journey, it is filtered through speed and the improbable narratives of long distance correlations. As a survey, a deliberate measuring or scanning, it manifests latent properties and attributes.

The places occurring in this book are markers of an environment that we live in. The different means with which we look at it, and what we find in it, highlight particular aspects or possible perspectives. The works shown in this context result from this translation: they are comments on causes and effects, mostly out of view, when information becomes relative.