Correspondents is a drop in the ocean of printed matter. Set up as a periodical, each edition is produced by one author on one subject.  

Correspondents aims to translate, within the printed format, particular observations that can illuminate their own space and provide their own terms of relating to other materials. 
Deliberately not a magazine, or a collection of articles, each edition acts as a free agent, its content determined and uncompromising.

Correspondents is promiscuous like a free radical, pairing, mixing and contrasting with other items on our shelves, in discussion, around the room or in transition—to modify meaning and perception. 
There is no relation between individual editions, other than the fact that they can all relate and invite some sense of exteriority.

Correspondents shifts the focus of the prevailing culture of production towards an exploration of why, where and how that production takes place—from discourses on its raison d’être, to its materials and its limits.

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